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To Clean and How to Clean...That is the Question

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

A note to our Customers:

It is important for us to remember how important free play on recreational equipment is for the development of a child. The split second decisions a child makes as he or she traverses the play events on a playground or strategizes in a game teach problem solving skills. This in turn hones a child's risk taking skills, developing a sense of resilience, independence, self awareness, self confidence and positive self esteem - invaluable traits for all us.

From the New York Times

As we face the reopening of schools, child care centers and public recreational spaces for use during the Pandemic, we are being bombarded by an ever-evolving litany of how, when, where or whether surfaces used by children should be disinfected to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

There are many resources available that discuss what can be accomplished by routinely cleaning or disinfecting recreation equipment (playgrounds/ fitness/ gymnasium equipment, etc)

We have taken this opportunity to provide you with some of these online resources that discuss this topic from various Industry Leaders and from the CDC to help you ascertain what plan of action might be the best for your unique situation.

From the CDC:

From the National Playground Contractor's Association (NPCAI):

From the International Playground Manufacturer's Association:

We hope that this information will help you navigate this important aspect of how we function in our "New Normal" just call or email us.

We have always believed that the key to life is working as a team to accomplish the goals of many. We’re in this together and hope that you and your families remain healthy!


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