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FlybyFriday: Montville Community Park

We’re happy to show everyone one of the many great projects we’ve completed over the years in a new way. We are happy to begin this series of videos with this lovely Burke structure in Montville.

Each area posed its own unique challenges for the crew during the build process as the poured in place area, in particular, was under a tight schedule before the weather became too cold to lay down.

The project began with the demolition and removal of all play equipment, engineered wood fiber, and existing poured in place rubber. The existing structures had been in the ground for a very long time--it was definitely time for an upgrade! After removal of what ended up amounting to bedrock central, we had the blank canvas that we needed to begin the installation process.

The organization and process of the installation needed to be completed in stages as previously mentioned, in order to beat the weather before things got too cold. Starting the project in late fall, timing is always of the essence when it comes to the placement of poured in place rubber. If not properly aligned with the weather, the rubber will not adhere to the equipment, curbing, or settle appropriately. Once the installation of the equipment was completed the area was immediately prepped for poured in place. Fortunately, this portion of the project was completed before the first snowstorm hit!

The remaining three areas had engineered wood fiber placed underneath each structure, so timing became a little less critical from a materials perspective. That did not stop the Corby team from proceeding at full-throttle. Rain, sleet, and snow all hit the job site at some point, resulting in some down days, however, the project remained on schedule. We were very excited to spearhead a major improvement in the Montville community. This project represented the efforts and collaboration of a dedicated Parks and Recreation Director and her staff. We were very happy to work together with her department and Ben Shaffer Recreation to make this possible.

Be sure to check out the links below to our project folder of this project and Ben Shaffer's website

Manufacturer: BCI Burke


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