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Our founder, Charles E. Corby, worked with school districts for years supplying, installing and servicing student lockers and combination locks. Frequently working with gymnasium lockers, he became interested in gymnasium activities and the associated equipment. With a noticeable void in the servicing of gymnasium equipment, Corby determined that he could provide services that would promote safety through timely inspection and repair. Fast-forward to today, Corby Associates’ Service, and Repair Program covers just about every type of institutional-grade equipment for both indoor and outdoor use.

As a direct result of the empirical knowledge gained through performing comprehensive repairs in the early years of the business, the Company’s personnel learned to recognize warning signs of failure before trouble occurred. A keen eye for preventative maintenance, a familiarity of equipment, and the ability to solve problems effectively allowed for Corby Associates to develop a program in which school districts, municipalities, and private entities feel confident that their equipment is operational and safe following any type of work performed by the Company.

The sole object of Corby Associates is to ensure that students and other users have safe, functional equipment in their gyms and playgrounds. While the design of this equipment properly belongs within the domain of engineering departments, we can assist you in the assessment and installation of any equipment needs you may have.

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